The Department of Art History and Art Criticism invites you to participate in the XXXI Alpatov Readings as part of the International Scientific Conference-Forum “VKHUTEMAS Space in the World Culture of the XX-XXI Centuries” that is timed to the 100th anniversary of the Higher Art and Technical Studios in Moscow and will take place on November 9-12, 2020.


The organizers of the Conference-Forum are the Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow Institute of Architecture (The State Academy),  S. Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry and the National Academy of Design. The Conference is aimed at the involvement of international and Russian scientific and creative community into the comprehension of the role of the world famous innovative school of VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN in the development of art and culture, architecture and design of the 20-21st centuries, study of its creative, theoretical and educational heritage, as well as its contribution to world culture, architecture and art process.     


Theme sections of the Conference:

-VKHUTEMAS and shaping of the design culture of the 20-21st centuries;

-VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN in the period of active researches and engineering innovations of the first third of the 20th century. The influence of science and technology on the development of artistic creativity, architecture and design education in the 21st century;

-Interaction of art trends and synthesis of arts in the system of art-architecture-design institute;

-The role of architecture and spatial thinking in the formation of arts and industry school of a new type;

-VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN and professional art, museum and research organizations in the field of culture of that time; 

-VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN and industry of the 1920s-1930s: experience and these days;

-The virtual museum of VKHUTEMAS and art schools of avant-garde time: problems of creation of electronic information resources and data bases.


The participation in the Conference is full-time and remotely. The applications for participation in the Conference shall be sent till January 15, 2020 to strog-nauka2011@yandex.ru Alexander Lavrentiev; azikov@mail.ru Alexey Sazikov; marchimuseum@gmail.com; art-rah@mail.ru Elena Romanova. The traveling and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the sending party. 





1. Name, surname

2. Working place, position;

3. Scientific degree, scientific honor;

4. Name of the paper;

5. Abstract of the paper (not more than 300 signs)

6. Form of participation;

7. Technical devices to be required for the paper;

8. Contact telephone;

9. E-mail;

10. Post address to send the original of the invitation if needed.


Materials for publication in the Conference proceedings (7000-8000 signs) shall be  E-mailed till March 30, 2020 to the above addresses.



1. The relevance to the Conference theme;

2. Not more than 7000-8000 signs;

3. Text format: Microsoft Word 6 or 7;

4. Font: Times New Roman 14 pt


The name and abstract shall contain: the name and surname, working place and position, the name of the article, abstract in Russian and English (2-4 sentences), key words in Russian and English.  The list of literature or notes at the bottom of the article, reference for literature or notes in the text in square brackets shall be of the same type size as the main text. Illustrations (not more than 1-2) shall be sent separately in the jpg format, the list of illustrations shall be at the bottom of the article.


The Scientific Committee shall study the materials in terms of their relevance to the Conference theme and program and is entitled to reject or recommend the materials for publication.


The languages of the Conference: Russian and English.


The Conference participants entitle the Scientific Committee and editorial team to publish the materials and place the electronic version of the Edition on the site of the Russian Academy of Arts, S. Stroganov Moscow Academy for Art and Industries, Moscow Institute of Architecture, National Academy of Design and in Russian Science Citation Index.

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