The Russian Academy of Arts, Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow S. Stroganov State Academy of Arts and Industries, Moscow Institute of Architecture and the National Academy of Design invite you to take part in the international research conference «Bauhaus and Art Schools of the Avant-Garde Epoch» dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus creation.

The Conference will take place in 3 venues: April 17, 2019: Moscow S. Stroganov State Academy of Arts and Industries; April 18, 2019: Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery (The Home Church); April 19, 2019: - Moscow Institute of Architecture.

The Conference is aimed at understanding of the role of Bauhaus (1919-1931) in the development of architecture and design of the 20th century; the study of contacts between avant-garde art schools in Western Europe, Russia and America as well as the theoretical, educational and practical heritage of the Bauhaus in the formation of modern design and art culture.

The current stage of the development of design and architecture, communication and information processes, experiments in the field of contemporary art are characterized by increased interdisciplinary connections. The modern training centers not only become schools of merely professional education, but also define art and design processes. Therefore, it is important to appeal to the legacy of the Bauhaus and similar art schools of the 1920s and 1930s, where active research of various types and genres of design and art activities, education and professional practice was conducted. For modern researchers of great interest is the structure of such schools, the interactions between leaders of various creative fields, teachers and students, designers and social and political environment, customers and the public. In fact, the schools themselves became meta-projects aimed at achieving goals and objectives based on the influence of many factors: individual, creative, artistic, as well as political and economic situations.

The Bauhaus was born and developed when the world avant-garde was most active. This could not but affect the increased activity of figurative thinking and the new language of art, the mood of teachers and students, who often felt themselves as equal participants of the joint artistic process. As a result, the palette of artistic experiments became wider. Each direction had a huge potential in the educational and methodological process and allowed to create holistic models of art on the basis of various formal-compositional searches. This is clearly seen on the example of the Bauhaus and Moscow VHUTEMAS. A century later, the results and experience of the Bauhaus and similar schools are perceived in a different way than during the years of their formation and functioning. Thus, there is a need to explain their original ideas from the contemporary point of view, thoroughly reconstruct their history to show the stages of their evolution.

Thematic blocks and sections of the conference:  

- The role of the Bauhaus in the system of architectural, design and art-education. The Bauhaus and the formation of the 20th century design culture.

- The role of architecture and three-dimensional thinking in the formation of the art and design schools of the new type. 

- The interaction and synthesis of arts in the system of pedagogy of the Bauhaus and other art schools. 

- The influence of science and technology on the development of the art, architectural and design education in the first third of the 20th century.

- Virtual Museum of the Bauhaus and avant-garde art schools: problems of creating electronic information resources and databases with a visual-image and intuitive architecture (concepts, models, methodology).

Languages of the Conference: Russian and English

Participation in the conference  

The applications (name and surname, position, scientific honor or degree, abstract of the paper, of not more than 300 units, contact address and telephone) for full-time or part-time participation shall be sent till February 15, 2019 to: (Alexey V. Sazikov), (Alexander N. Lavrentiev).

The payment of travel expenses for nonresident Conference participants is the responsibility of the sending party.

Materials for publication in the Conference Proceedings shall be submitted to the Organizing Committee before March 18, 2019 by e-mail.

By sending the material the participants of the Conference entitle the Organizing Committee and editorial group: 

- to publish the materials; 

- to place the electronic version of the publication on the website of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow Institute of Architecture, S. Stroganov State Academy of Arts and Industry, National Academy of Design and RINSC;  

Contacts and addresses: Vladimir Aronov Alexander Lavrentiev 

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