Dates: November 2-20, 2022

Venue: Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts (21 Prechistenka street, Moscow)


The Russian Academy of Arts presents a retrospective of works by the noted Moscow sculptor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Vladimir Kolesnikov created by the master for 40 years of his creative career.


Vladimir Kolesnikov works, experiments, generates ideas and images in his two studios – one in the very center of Moscow and the other - in the natural area not far fr om Moscow, wh ere he can create large-scale sculptures in the open space. The artist was born in Moscow in 1954. The first lessons in art have been given to him by his father Yury P. Kolesnikov, later he graduated fr om V. Surikov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry. In the 1980s, Vladimir Kolesnikov took interest in small forms using his favorite material – marble.


In many of his works the artist skillfully combines various materials including stone, metal, wood, aluminum. His monumental and decorative compositions require active perception of the viewer who can get observed in thinking of something or finish the image in imagination. The sculptor is known for his traditional monuments-busts in Moscow dedicated to historical figures of the past and present: General A. Kutaisov; Marshal Ivan Konev; General Vasily Margelov. Kolesnikov has also authored some chamber works, such as the memorial plaque to Yury Vizbor in Kabardino-Balkaria wh ere the relief portrait perfectly interacts   with the poetic landscape. Of big interest is his exquisite marble bust of Alexander Pushkin (2013). Speaking about his creative method Vladimir Kolesnikov emphasizes, that he works without preliminary sketches or models hatching a plan in his head until it matures and takes a visible shape and only then he starts working in material, which together with the creative intuition of the master leads to the best result. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the creative work of his father sculptor Yury Kolesnikov (1923-1992). On display are also works by students of the Art School - pupils of Vladimir Kolesnikov.

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